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Code of Practice and Supporting Policies

The Code of Practice for University Computing Facilities also covers the adherence to the Information Security Policy (internal Only) and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy (see links below) and your agreement to the Code of Practice (see links below) also includes your agreement to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and the Information Security Policy.

The Information Security Policy’s (see link below) aim is to protect the University from security problems with its information systems and the information stored on them that might have an adverse impact on its operations, infrastructure or reputation. A secondary aim of the policy is to raise awareness of information security issues for all members of the University. The policy applies to:

  • All information systems (including computer equipment, network equipment and telecommunications equipment) owned or operated by the University or connected to the University network by third parties.
  • All software (including operating systems, network services and application software) installed on applicable information systems.
  • All information stored on applicable information systems.

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To request further information or clarification on the code and supporting policies the IT Service Desk can be contacted by calling 0115 95 16677 or by emailing the IT Service Desk.